Christophe Terlinden, Emmanuel Lambion et Iwan Strauven à Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme


The Beaumont municipality invited Christophe Terlinden and the TILF collective to rethink the connections that unite the city with its residents. In 2003, reflection began on the identity of this commune in the Clermont agglomeration, then in full evolution. This would comprise mixed housing construction, the creation of a green path, the Maison des Beaumontois, and an extension of the Chataigneraie (chestnut grove) protected wooded area.

These changes engender the need to re-qualify public spaces – in particular the historic centre – and to take action towards breaking the image of a dormitory town, open up neighbourhoods and encourage residents to rediscover their town.

Building on the recently created green path, Christope Terlinden teamed up with Emmanuel Lambion and Iwan Strauven to create a sculptural drawing that connects the city’s different strata. The PIETRO is a combination of pedestrian and metro. It constitutes four routes that are marked out by disks of enamelled lava, laid out like an urban network. Each path is identified by a separate colour – blue, red, yellow or white.

The routes are shown in the form of a metro map that is embedded in benches, placed at crossings and at the end of paths. The map also appears in a publication, a fold-out leaflet that presents a subjective perception of the Beaumont sites with eight drawings by Christope Terlinden on the verso.

PIETRO is a playful work with the ambition of promoting a different reading of the city for Beaumont residents as well as the occasional visitor.

press folder, November 2007 – pdf

plan du pietro, dessins verso Christophe Terlinden

Patrons: elected officials from the Beaumont municipality and members of the Ideas for Beaumont association.

Funding: Fondation de France (New Patrons Programme), Minister of Culture and Communication (DAP-DRAC Auvergne), the town of Beaumont.