Marie-Ange Guilleminot in Gaillac

The Space Between!

“An artist could invent a work for the children that we receive to introduce a minimum, vital, of disorder that provokes thought.” The Medico Pyschological Centre for children and adolescents ­– independent of the hospital – is an interface of social ties and the psyche, of the social and clinical subjects: A place of circulation and of interception of flux from the vast world, of suspension also…The waiting room appears as an intermediary space between the treatment itself and the outside world, officiating like these anti-chambers where one whispers before speaking. To think of a work for the CMPEA would be to allow children who are dealing with digital technology too soon and too much – often impoverishing thought – an unedited emotional and intellectual encounter.”

Washitsu or Cabin in Time

Sculpture with dismountable architecture in wavy maple. Installed in the current waiting room, it compliments Meuble-spirale (Spiral Furniture). Its minimal conception around the unit of a tatami (rush-covered straw mat forming a traditional Japanese floor covering) creates a unique space for the child. It is based on the attentive observation of the Japonese washitsu tradition, from which the artist sought essential form, with a single module….To preserve the spirit of the place ­– tokonomo – or the space for art – shoji –sliding doors in wood and Japanese paper reinforced with, here in felt, removable shutters.

…du meuble spirale au meuble infini…(…from spiral furniture to infinite furniture…)

Placed in the reception area, the Meuble-spirale (Spiral Furniture) aims to transform and be placed freely in the CMPEA location. Both a piece of furniture and a sculpture, hexagonal in shape, it is made out of fourteen mobile elements with colourful sides, with multiple, playful uses: library, drawing table, little theatre. The work is open to appropriation by its users; it is an invitation to creativity.

L’objet-étalon (Measuring Object)

Similar to the Meuble-spirale at life-size scale, L’objet-étalon is composed of fourteen autonomous elements. The idea of the scale is to be able to think with the object in your hands, of all sorts of combinations applicable to the furniture-sculpture. It is created with fourteen types of wood: refer to the colour chart for positioning the sides of the Meuble-spirale according to colour.


Washitsu or Cabin in Time: Yutaka Kawahara and Renaud Vergnais  (carpenters), Cécile Feilchenfeldt and Géraldine Odeyer

…du meuble spirale au meuble infini: Jacques Vignon
L’objet-étalon: Patrick Belle

Advice/ coordination: Paule Guérin, Murielle Hladik, Sabine Laurent, George-Henry Ser
Games/ spinning tops:  Philippe Dyon
Contribution to choice of books: Les Trois Ourses

Press folder, February 2017 – pdf

Patrons: CMPEA team, Gaillac – Karine Beziat, Éric Bousquet, Daniel Delbes, Sylvie Faure, Marie-Claude Garros, Sophie Mahenc, Fabienne Maviel, Marie-Josée Medale, Maria Puech-Maurel, Laurence Quercy, Pauline Ricard, Catherine Scarpulla, Sabine Vialettes, Vassiliki Xenoyanni

Funding: Fondation de France, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation

Fondation Bon Sauveur d’Alby


Credits: Marie-Ange Guilleminot